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Wiki Formatting

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PBwiki uses standard, simple wiki formatting. You can click the "view wiki source" link in the footer to see how this page is formatted.*



Text formatting


Character Formatting


  • To make something bold, put 2 * (asterisk) before and after it: **word**
  • To make something italicized, put 2 ' (apostrophe) before and after it: ''word''
  • By using 2 _ (underscore) before and after, text can be __underlined__: __word__
  • Strikethrough is done with (space +) 1 - (dash) before and 1 - (dash) (+ space) after: -word-


Here it is at a glance:

Strikethrough - word -


Section Titles

  • One ! at the beginning of a line makes a huge headline (like "Text formatting" above)
  • Two !! make a big headline (like "Sections" over the Sections section right here)
  • Three !!! and more--up to 6--make successively smaller headlines



  • One * (asterisk) + a space at the beginning of a line makes a bullet point, like this.
  1. Use # + a space at the beginning of a line to make a numbered list, like this.
    1. Nested lists like this one are made by doubling the * or # for subpoints



  • FunnyWords: PBwiki automatically creates a link if you use a word with two Capital letters and lowercase letters in between. For example, SandBox = link, but but sandbox, SANDbox, and Sandbox are normal. We don't like this type of link cause it looks ugly. To prevent the word from becoming a link, add ~ in front of it.
  • Righteous Proper Links: put [ ] brackets around a word, like Shiny new page
  • Shiny Links: use [ugly link|pretty text], like [http://ucjas.pbwiki.com/Shiny new page|Shiniess!] to get new page|Shiniess!, or [ucjas@listhost.uchicago.edu|Email listhost] gives Email listhost.
  • Lazy Links: just paste it in like http://animenfo.com or ucjas@listhost.uchicago.edu.
  • Uploaded files can be linked to in the same way as everything else. Get the URL of the file by right-clicking on it and copying. Or, it's generally under http://ucjas.pbwiki.com/f/



  • You can also show pictures in your wiki. Just add the link to the picture in [ ] brackets! For example, [http://pbwiki.com/sandwch2.jpg] gives:


Boxes + Dividers

  • 1 | (vertical bar) before and after something puts a box around it
  • 3 - (hypen) on a line by themselves make a dividing line (horizontal rule)


A box like this is made by putting a space in front of the line. If it doesn't seem to work, try adding an extra blank line before/after it.





  • Table rows can be made by beginning and ending a line with | (vertical bar). The content of the row is placed between the bars. If more than one cell is desired for any particular row, an additional | is used as the separator.


Look Mom!A table!!


  • Adjacent table rows will be automagically combined into a single table.





Special Stuff

  • <top>
      makes a special "top" link (to return a user to the top of the page) The top link can be customized by inserting your own link description inside the angle brackets: <top link description>.
  • <toc>
      creates a table of contents with links to all the (!, !!, and !!!) sections on that page. (See the top of this page for an example.)
    • To make the table only link to the largest (!) headlines, use <toc!>.
    • To make the table only link to the largest and second-largest headlines (! and !!), use <toc!!>.
  • <raw><verbatim>
      can be used to prevent PBwiki from interpreting special characters like ** before and after a word, which normally would make the word bold. For shorter sections of text (a few words), use <raw>; for longer sections, use <verbatim>. These tags act like HTML tags in that there is both an opening tag and a closing tag, the opening before the text and the closing after the text: <raw>**words that aren't bolded**.

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