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Towel Revolution Script

Page history last edited by PBworks 15 years, 7 months ago

Towel Duel for World Revolution (v.1.8)



• Utena - Kat Snyder

• Towel Girl Rei (TG) - Catherine Davis

• Mikage - Brian Auriti

• Miki - Eric Prendergast

• Yomiko Readman - K. Alexis Siemon

• Extras with towels (EX1, EX2) - Yiliu Chen, Sushu Xia



• Locker with Paper Towel Dispenser

• Paper Sword

• Paper Shield

• Paper Whip

• Book

• Removable towel

• Black rose

• Red rose umbrella

• Censor Bars (2)

• Giant Stopwatch (2:00 displayed)


Setting: A woman’s locker room at the Ohtori Academy.


UTENA and TG walk in from stage right, along with LOCKER and EX1, EX2.


LOCKER maneuvers to stage center with help of EX1, EX2, who begin lockerly

activities like drying hair and chatting. UTENA and TG walk to stage left where

they begin having a mimed conversation – be sure to use lots of silent laughing

and hand gestures.



YOMIKO steps onstage from stage right, walking slowly and engrossed in a BOOK

(should be nice and leather-bound, if possible)



As YOMIKO is close to Center, MIKAGE runs onstage




MIKAGE: “Hey! Come back here!”


YOMIKO stops at DISPENSER and turns to face the audience, still engrossed in her book. UTENA and TG pause momentarily and look at MIKAGE but then go back to conversation. Mikage circles Yomiko, looming. Perhaps grabbing her shoulders and shake gently



MIKAGE: "Duel with her! What do you want? Wealth? Power? Men? pause Women?”


YOMIKO ignores him, flipping a page.



MIKAGE, annoyed, pushes book down to face Yomik0: “Deeper, Go Deeper”


YOMIKO stands up dazed, locates the book in MIKAGE’s hand and makes distracted grab.



MIKAGE keeps several steps before her, leading her on a circuit from far stage

right to next to UTENA. All the while, YOMIKO is crying weakly “My book! Give me

my book!”


At UTENA, MIKAGE suddenly thrusts the book into her hands.




MIKAGE (pointing): “Look! Now you have no choice but to revolutionize

the world!”

Holding YOMIKO back, MIKAGE pins a BLACK ROSE to YOMIKO’s chest.


UTENA (startled): “But I...”



UTENA turns, holding the BOOK in her hands







YOMIKO looks angry, and brandishes her Paper Whip. UTENA hands the BOOK to TG and steps back, making warding gestures. TG stays behind UTENA and starts reading. Duel commences between Utena's towel and Yomiko's whip and shield. Meanwhile, Seifuku girls poke at Mikage, who loops behind the lockers and re-emerges behind the action, perhaps seeking to hide behind the locker. Seifuku girls grab poof-rod from locker and commences beatdown.


Utena's towel gets tangled in Yomiko's whip. Yomiko drops the shield and runs to Paper towel dispenser to get sword. UTENA dips TG and shouts:




UTENA: “Grant me the power to revolutionize the world!”


UTENA grabs off the CENSOR BARS (revealing pixilated costume areas) and snaps

them into a SWORD and faces off with YOMIKO


Fight resumes with swords. Seifuku girls pick up Yomiko's paper shield and conks Mikage, who collapses to the side of the stage


At about 1:50, EX2 reaches into LOCKER and pulls out a ROSE UMBRELLA.



Final blow crossing. EXTRA spins the UMBRELLA.


MIKI runs on stage right with a GIANT STOPWATCH (with 2:00 showing on the face) and stands upstage center, plunking down the STOPWATCH as he arrives.


MIKI then slaps the STOPWATCH’s button and all action freezes.




MIKI: 2 Minutes! Time’s up!


All remain still – crickets chirp – sound of dropped locker room sign, then all

gather up props and dash offstage stage left. Locker needs to be ushered off.



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