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Towel Duel for World Revolution

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Towel Revolution Script

Towel Revolution Music

Towel Revolution Video


Photos (courtesy of Fansview)


Enter Locker (Han), Osaka (Sushu), __ from Bleach (Yiliu), Utena (Kat), and Towel Rei (a very brave Cat)


While the anime girls are chatting,


Yomiko (Alexis) enters the scene and gets harrassed by Mikage (Brian). The anime girls are shocked and appalled by the presence of Male-ness in the room.


Mikage takes Yomiko's book.... .... and gives it to a very confused Utena


Battle ensues. Yomiko whips out a paper whip and a paper shield. Utena uses Towel Rei's towel.


On the side, Osaka and Bleach girl are beating on Mikage with various bath products, while Rei nonchalantly reads the book.


Alas, the duel is not going well for Utena, so she comes to Rei, dips her, and draws from her the Sword of Destiny. Or rather, the censor bars. (Rei loses her wig in the dipping process)


Yomiko grabs a roll of towels from the towel rack and transforms it into a paper sword. Duel continues


Just as the Duel reaches its culmination, a red rose pops up before them and starts spinning (painted umbrella held by Osaka).

Miki runs out and beeps his stop watch. "Two Minutes! Time's Up!"



The towel rack drops. Everyone runs helter skelter offstage.

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