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- Sushu loves anime club more than anime

- Sushu hates the wibbly non-resolution-ness of much contemporary anime

- Sushu secretly reads fanfiction

- Sushu is a spazz

- Sushu likes to make Chinese food

- Sushu is not obsessive compulsive. Just unpredictably obsessive.

- Sushu no longer goes to the U of C but continues to haunt the lists. 



Existing Bios


(2004) Our president, Sushu The Pig-slayer, is based on a character from an ancient Chinese historical epic. She once defeated Kim-Jong Il's honor guard with a single mighty kick. She is also an excellent figure artist and a member of the Chinese Calligraphy Club. She cooks delicious things that none of us can pronounce. She has a million hit points and maximum charisma. Is there any obstacle she cannot overcome in the name of Love and Justice? She even does an excellent impression of "Osaka" from Azumanga Daioh, especially when she is sleepy. Sushu thinks Giant Robo is sexy.


(2005) Sushu is getting not one, but two! pointless majors at the University of Chicago, and aspires to corrupting innocent young minds in the secondary school system. She likes plates. And thinks Li HongZhang is totally hawt. 


(2006) Sushu is studying to be a secondary history teacher so that she can pass on her love of the Empress Dowager onto a new generation. And her fascination with war. The bloody kind.


If you're a new/current JAS officer by the name of Sushu and this is not you, just move this page to their official full name page and take over this one.


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