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Pretend Robot Pants

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Pretend Robot Pants

Pretend Robot Pants is the name of the group that does the "other" skit. You know. The OTHER one. THAT one.


Previous Skits

2006 - Matrix Samurai

2005 - Lupin Katamari

2004 - Pocky YATTA!



Oh great and benevolent master of ACen Masquerade! We have brought you shiny skits for tribute, and please allow us to do so again! This year, we wish to bring the strangest skit possible before your greatness and the ACen crowd! If some of us were not male, we would all have your babies! As it is, we promise a good time without violations of the ACen skit rules! Lo, for we have them memorized, for we are great Pocky-eating dorks!


Naming Origin

"I've done some voice work for other projects and some local radio spots. Though I've found that I'm pretty terrible at regular voices. Like if you need a voice for MALE #1, you're probably not going to dig what I come up with. I've got a really boring regular voice. But if you need a voice for the PRETEND ROBOT PANTS, I'm your man." -- Matt Chapman

W: But you also said that if someone was looking for someone to do the voice of Pretend Robot Pants, you’d be the guy to go to. So I was wondering, what would Pretend Robot Pants sound like?

Pretend Robot Pants: Ah,.. MALFUNCTION. MALFUNCTION. PDYDPDQ. (laughs)

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