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Potential Anime

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on December 18, 2006 at 12:25:01 pm

Various anime recommended for showing.

If you have suggestions, please add it to the list!


General Suggestion Guidelines:

* something we haven't seen in the last few years (Check Anime Screened)

* something not easily seen at home (not on Adult Swim, etc)

* something shorter than 40 eps. (Preferred: 6, 13, 26)


Fall Quarter 06 Forecast

Yakitate!! Japan (an arc)

Outlaw Star _OR_ Mugen no Ryvius


Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuutsuu

Jungle wa itsumo Hare nochi Guu

that Mau-thing Kat is gaga for?




  • Honey and Clover II
    • http://animesuki.com/series.php/838.html
    • (is context of H&C I required?)
    • Yes it is. It's a continuation of the first series. ~Ben
    • We did screen HC last year, and anybody so inclined can see it on YouTube to get caught up. However, we can't really show it until it's all out... ~Cat
    • I wonder if the "wait until it's all out" rule is necessary. I guess Acqs should have a say in this, but if we show 2/week, and it comes out 1/week, that means technically you can start showing it when it's half out.


  • Death Note Live Action
    • It ain't anime, but it's good, and if you can get a bootleg, it might be worth showing at the opening screening. But I don't know how strict this Dynasty will be on the "Anime Only" rule. ~Stephen
    • Never mind, I saw it and it SUCKED. Anyway, the second part of the series won't be out until like October.


  • Yakitate!! Japan
    • Almost certainly showing an arc in the fall! ~Cat


  • Mugen no Ryvius
    • All of the n00b officers and unseen enemies with supersecret weapon technology, none of the space elf drama. ~Cat


  • Twelve Kingdoms


  • Gankutsu Ou
    • Rumors of suckitude, but pattern fills of zomg. ~Cat
    • If you do watch the Anime-Keep subs of this, you will see my editing (mistakes). I personally greatly enjoyed this show. -shu


  • Photon
    • What?? Don't look at me like that... ~Cat
    • Fuck yeah. Don't feel bad, Cat; I liked this. ~Stephen
    • Pa-, Pa-, Papacha! Papa-, Papa-, Papacha!


  • Outlaw Star
    • I think Eric's with me on this one. Just as long as we don't show it alongside Ryvius. ~Cat
    • Seconded. Creamy middle school goodness. ~Eric


  • Cromartie High School
    • Excellent. This is funny in a really bizarre way. I loved it. ~Stephen
    • Definitely a bizarrely funny show. There's also a live-action movie that's not as good. ~Ben


  • Duel! Parallel Trouble Adventures
    • This one is Eva meets Esca meets Tenchi meets RaXephon meets Love Lina meets El Hazard meets Your Mom. No, SERIOUSLY. ~Cat


  • Dirty Pair _OR_ Hyper Police _OR_ You're Under Arrest!


  • Violinist of Hameln
    • One of my personal favorites. Because battling with music is cool. ~Cat


  • Trouble Chocolate


  • Jungle wa Itsumo Hare Nochi Guu (OR Hare Nochi Guu Deluxe)
    • If the name doesn't say it all, the chest 'fro will vouch for its awesomeness. ~Cat
    • My super sekrit sources inform me that this has stastically significant potential to be crazy hilarious. ~Eric


  • Gundam Seed
    • Or any of the Gundam? ~Cat
      • Seed was shown pretty recently on CN so probably not this version but other versions should be fine ~Andrew


  • Battle Angel OAV (extant?)


  • Gunslinger Girl
    • 13 Eps, freaky/arty/violent/noir ~Isaac VOTED OFF


  • Haunted Junction


  • Monster
    • isn't this supposedly v. long with no good break point? ~Sushu
      • Yes, you'd have to make it Year of the Monster, and have a couple marathons combined with regular showings. Or show it over two years, which might be ridiculous. ~Stephen SUSHU'S CHOICED


  • Ace wo Narae


  • Figure17 Tsubasa and Hikaru


  • Gatchaman


  • Captain Tsubasa


  • Magical Creamy Mami
    • I hate to say it, but this one's really bad. Even for a fan of really bad mahou shoujo. I can give you guys the first half or so, though. ~Alexis


  • Full Moon wo Sagashite
    • At 52 episodes it's a bit long and doesn't exactly separate easily into arcs.


  • Detective Conan
    • Really long series but doesn't really have a continuous story. 1st season (?) also shown on CN quite recently. ~Andrew


  • Full Metal Alchemist
    • Shown quite recently on CN. ~Andrew


  • Ghost in the Shell: Standalone Complex I
    • Pretty please could we? ;_; ~Eric
      • I have to say that this is a bit too recent having been shown on Adult Swim. ~Andrew


  • Romeo's Blue Skies
    • I vouch for this. Quirky, fast-paced, fairly old school though it's from 1995. Miyazaki-esque would be the cursory way to describe it. ~Eric
    • Looks like Soyokaze has this


  • Blood +
    • The movie that goes along with it was sweet. ~Geoff


  • Chobits
    • Chobits makes baby Jesus cry. ~Eric


  • Melody of Oblivion
    • Possibly a reserve for Suicide Prevention Marathon? ~Eric



  • Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuutsuu
    • Very new series. Info can be found here Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuutsu ~Andrew
    • Currently watching the fansubs for this now. It's a blast! Title translated to "The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya." Could be tough to show though cause the episodes themselves aren't in chronological order. ~Ben
    • It's a bit weird and confusing (like Ben said, episodes are shown completely out of order), but it's really funny. Besides, if UCJAS can't handle weird and confusing, then the world is in a sad state. ~Alexis
    • I have an unhealthy obsession with Haruhi. THIS SHOW IS FUCKING AWESOME. -shu


  • Zettai Shonen
    • Slow but mysterious series. I found it really interesting. Summary here

Zettai Shonen ~Andrew



  • Mahoraba ~Heartful Days~
    • Funny, heart-warming series. While some people call it a Love Hina clone, it shouldn't really be considered a harem series. Summary here Mahoraba ~Andrew


  • Mai-Hime
    • Lots of fun shonen action. Full of surprises. Summary here Mai Hime ~Andrew
    • Sounds a lot like Alien 9... only with less of the head-asploding Gainax-ness. ~Cat
    • It's really not much like Alien 9, despite the description. Bit more action-oriented and different sort of character development. ~Andrew


  • The Enemy is Pirate
    • Did we ever figure out what that mysterious library item was exactly? ~Cat
    • Is there seriously an anime called "The Enemy is Pirate?" It is imperative that a viewing be held as soon as possible and a review subsequently posted on the wiki. ~Brian
    • I believe the title is "The Enemy's the Pirates." I vaguely recall the title from way back when but must not have been all that special if I can't remember an iota about it besides the odd name. ~Ben


  • Wings of Honneamise: The Royal Space Force
    • It sounds like Gundam, with Japan leading humanity as it shoots some Shinji-boy into space... ~Cat
      • It's very much unlike Gundam; there's very little action and the pace is quite slow (there are also no giant battling robots). Quite nice in its own way, but has been proven to put some people to sleep. Our protagonist is less Shinji, more shiftless. I don't know if the Japan allegory is true or not (that Wikipedia article is uncited).
        • Geez, back in my day this was a classic. Classic I tell you! But yeah it can be sleep-inducing for the action anime folk. ~Ben


  • Bokusatsu Tenshi Dokuro-chan
    • girl shinigami who keeps kills and ressurects boy who has the potential to destroy the world ~Cat
    • I don't think that's a correct synposis. The correct synposis would be loli sent back in time to kill pedo. -shu


  • Mushishi
    • It's so good. So very, very good. First one or two episodes a little slow maybe, but it's well worth the time. ~Ben


  • It's live-action, so probably a no-go, but the new Hana Yori Dango drama is surprisingly good. ~Alexis


  • Pani Poni Dash!
    • 26 eps. This could be killed in the crib since ADV has already begun releasing Region 1 DVDs, but only the first volume (1-5) has been released and the 6th (final) one hasn't even been completed yet by the company. Only way I know around this is if someone finds a fansite that doesn't follow convention (and I know of no such site yet).
    • Often described as the lovechild of Excel Saga (for randomness and shitloads of cultural references like 2chan) and Azumanga Daioh (mostly female cast, mainly takes place in a school). ~ Vincent

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