Potential Anime


Various anime recommended for showing.

If you have suggestions, please add it to the list!


General Suggestion Guidelines:

* something we haven't seen in the last few years (Check Anime Screened)

* something not easily seen at home (not on Adult Swim, etc)

* something shorter than 40 eps. (Preferred: 6, 13, 26)


Spring 2011 Forecast

Grab Bag: Give me lesser-know but good old school anime titles! (anything from the last century goes, but pre-95 is preferred)


Full Metal Panic


Higurashi vs. Umineko


D Gray Man vs. Armed Librarians


Spice and Wolf



Grab Bags










-          Yu-gi-oh Season Zero (when Yugi murders people and Kaiba has green hair)

-          Dominion Tank Police

-          Other suggestions (old school classic anime theme)

o   The Super Dimension Fortress Macross (Original Macross)

o   Magic Knight Rayearth

o   Captain Harlock

o   Fist of the North Star


Regular Showings