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Potential Anime

Page history last edited by CindyZ. 10 years, 2 months ago


Various anime recommended for showing.

If you have suggestions, please add it to the list!


General Suggestion Guidelines:

* something we haven't seen in the last few years (Check Anime Screened)

* something not easily seen at home (not on Adult Swim, etc)

* something shorter than 40 eps. (Preferred: 6, 13, 26)


Spring 2011 Forecast

Grab Bag: Give me lesser-know but good old school anime titles! (anything from the last century goes, but pre-95 is preferred)


Full Metal Panic


Higurashi vs. Umineko


D Gray Man vs. Armed Librarians


Spice and Wolf



Grab Bags

  • Oh! My Goddess OVA 


  • Astro Boy


  • Maison Ikkoku


  • Kindaichi Shounen Jikenbo 
    • Kind of hard for grab bags though, each arc is usually three to four episodes at least... (~Cindy)


  • Ashita no Joe
    • Do subs for this even exist? Live action movie coming out though, so might as well? (~Cindy)


  • Chibi-Momoko chan
    • I would love your forever if you can find a subbed version that's not in Chinese, so it's probably a no-go, but... (~Cindy)


  • Tokyo Babylon
    • CLAMP. 'nuff said. (~Cindy)


  • Doraemon
    • This is the classic of classics. And a good part of my childhood. (~Cindy)



-          Yu-gi-oh Season Zero (when Yugi murders people and Kaiba has green hair)

-          Dominion Tank Police

-          Other suggestions (old school classic anime theme)

o   The Super Dimension Fortress Macross (Original Macross)

o   Magic Knight Rayearth

o   Captain Harlock

o   Fist of the North Star


Regular Showings

  • Saint Seiya The Lost Canvas
    • Two friends start off in a magic academy. Become badass avatars of major gods. They become enemies and fight. Prologue to Saint Seiya.  (~Kelly)


  • 07 Ghost
    • A boy goes to magic academy. Finds out the school leaders killed his family. Finds sanctuary in holy land. Fights the evil leaders. His possessed best friend becomes a sidekick critter.(~Kelly)


  • Spice and Wolf
    • harvest wolf goddess follows merchant around (~Kelly)
    • Amusing. Reccomended. (~Joe)


  • Shakugan no Shana
    • Girl who controls fire accidentally kills schoolboy. They fight soul-based demons (Bleach?) (~Kelly)


  • Sola
    • Boy who loves taking pictures of sky interacts with three girls, including one who has aversion to sunlight. (Hitagi?) (~Kelly)


  • Supernatural
    • Two brothers fight legendary monsters across America while looking for their missing father and vengeance against the yellow-eyed demon who killed their mother   (~Kelly)


  • Vandred
    • Civil war between men and women. Hibiki wants his own mecha, it somehow gets him on the women’s side.   (~Kelly)


  • Togainu no Chi
    • Japan civil war causes gang to take over Tokyo with war game. Boy participates and tries to uncover mysteries. (~Kelly)


  • Basquash
    • Troublemaking Boy wants to  show his crippled sister the moon. Best way to do it is enter boring mecha basketball game and make it interesting. (~Kelly)



  • Book of Bantorra, Armed Librarians
    • Team protects books infused with human souls.   (~Kelly)


  • Utawaremono
    • Masked man found unconscious in woods becomes village leader. Leads them in war.   (~Kelly)
    • Adequate, esp. since we won't make it to the end, where it suddenly gets weird. (~Joe)


  • Daiguard
    • Team desperately protects city against alien invaders with “Daiguard” mecha—funny thing is, it’s a piece of crap. (Good review) mecha   (~Kelly)


  • Full Metal Panic
    • clueless boy raised in the military assigned to protect budding psychic. He is mistaken for a military otaku. Funny at times, sad at others. (~Kelly)  


  • Umineko no Naku Koro Ni
    • a group of eighteen people on a secluded island for a period of two days, and people are getting killed. (~Cindy)

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