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Matrix Samurai Synopsis

Page history last edited by PBworks 15 years, 1 month ago

According to Aza:


The following is the Matrix Skit, as it stands after a day of work. After some mock choreography, it looks like the skit is both manageable and will look rather believable.


Two stage ninjas carry on a shouji screen. Jin saunters by. A couple steps after Jin passes the shouji screen, Kenshin leaps through the screen, sword drawn. Jin draws his sword and turns.


Short stand-off.


Kenshin presses attack, doing four horizontal strikes. Jin just blocks. The fifth strike is overhead. Jin blocks the 5th, slides past, and hits Kenshin on the back of the neck with the flat of his blade. Kenshin turns around and gets angry.


Short stand-off.


Kenshin tries the series of 4 strikes again, on the fifth blow does a twirl attack. Jin forces the attack to the ground. They struggle for a bit before Jin kicks Kenshin to the ground. Jin gloats.


Around 10 seconds of as-of-yet choreographed fight resulting in Jin pinning Kenshin against the tree. They struggle before Kenshin pushes Jin back. Kenshin does an over head strike and while Jin is off balance Kenshin over extends himself in a sides track. Jin (and stage ninja) does a slow-motion Matrix back bend to dodge.


Kenshin continues around and is facing the wrong direction. Kenshin blocks behind his back as Jin rights himself. Kenshin, still facing backwards, strikes left then right before blocking overhead as Jin does an overhead strike. Kenshin rolls forward.


Jin and Kenshin face off again. Jin makes a "come" gesture. Kenshin flourishes his sword then returns the "come" gesture. Jin copies the flourish and makes the "come" gesture. Kenshin does a more elaborate flourish and makes the "come". Jin copies again. Kenshin starts a third flourish but throws his sword in slow motion (stage ninja). It gets embedded in the tree.


Jin strides forward purposefully and does a belly swipe. Jin is enjoying himself. Jin does a foot swipe which Kenshin jumps over. [Optional: Jin does a flying poke (two stage ninjas) which Kenshin dives underneath.] Jin does a left downward strike which Kenshin duck dodges. Jin does a right downward strike which Kenshin also ducks. Jin starts another strike, but actually punches Kenshin to the ground. Jin goes to make an overhead killing blow but Kenshin catches the sword between his hands in slow motion. Kenshin throws Jin away using the sword and then scrambles to get his sword.


Kenshin manages to pull his sword from the tree just as Jin tried to slash him from behind. The tree slides apart in slow motion (two stage ninjas).


(Another 10-15 seconds of all out sword fighting.)


Jin does a low swing which Kenshin jumps over in crane style. In the middle of the jump time stops (two stage ninjas hold him up). The "camera rotates around them" and then Kenshin kicks him. Jin rolls backwards and dies. Kenshin sheathes his sword, bows, and walks off.

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