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Manga Library

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The Manga Librarian sez: OK, listen up everybody, here's how this works.

If you have paid for access to the video library (that's $5 for a whole school year, you're a fool not to go for that), you also have access to the manga library.


"The Manga Library" currently means Jono's personal manga and comics collection. But if other people want to donate their manga to The Manga Library, and we can find a place on campus to store it, then this could become a permanent club thing.


When you want to borrow something from The Manga Library, you must send an email to The Manga Librarian, who is currently me, Jono, ebjono@gmail.com, and request what volumes you want. Limit two volumes per week. The librarian will bring your stuff to the club meeting. If you want to get it, you must send the email on the night before the club meeting, or earlier, so the librarian has time to grab the books when he leaves home on the morning of Club Meeting Day.


The table below is a work in progress. It currently only contains the books that I have unpacked and put onto shelves. There will be a lot more than this appearing as The Librarian gets the rest of his boxes of manga out of his parents' attic and unpacks them.


Wiki lurkers, please help improve this list by improving the formatting and adding in missing information (especially the number of volumes in a manga series) if you know it.




Manga in English


4 Immigrants Manga Henry Kiyama vol 1 of 1 (Bilingual and written in 1921)
Barefoot Gen Keiji Nakazawa vol. 1 and 2 (of ??)  
Battle Angel Alita Last Order Yukito Kishiro vol 1 of ?  
Black Magic Masamune Shirow vol. 1 of 1  
Buddha Osamu Tezuka vol 1 (of ?) (Hardcover)
Couple Korean Manhwa vol 2 of ?  
Ghost in the Shell Masamune Shirow vol. 1 of 1  
Kodocha vol. 1 of ?  
Lodoss War: Chronicles of the Heroic Knight   vol 3-4  
Midnight Panther   vol ? of ? (H. Hilariously cheesy H.)
Phoenix Osamu Tezuka vol. 2-5 of 12 vol 2 (Future), 3 (Yamato/Space), 4 (Karma), 5 (Resurrection)
Oh My Goddess Kosuke Fujishima vol 5 (of ??) (Bilingual)
O.L. Shinkaron ("Office Lady Theory of Evolution")   vol. 2 and 3 (Bilingual)
Pure Trance Junko Mizuno vol 1 of 1  
Random Shonen Jump Compilation various authors vol 1, 2 (Promo swag) (I have 2 copies of #1, and in one of those copies, someone seems to have taped bookmarks on all the pages with panty shots or nakedness. Maybe this belongs to someone else?)



Manga in Japanese


Ai Yori Aoshi Fumizuki Kou Vol. 1-3 of 17  
Akira Katsuhiro Otomo vol. 1-6 of 6  
Angel no ?? Osamu Tezuka vol. 1 of ? (The name has a kanji I can't read)
Berusaiyu no Bara (Rose of Versailles) Ikeda Riyoko vol. 1-2 of 10  
Black Jack Osamu Tezuka vol. 1-3 of ? and also a crappy reprint edition!  
Dr. Slump Akira Toriyama vol. 1 of ?  
Dragon Ball Akira Toriyama Vol. 1-4, 7-8, 11-12 of infinity  
Dragon Half   Vol. 1-7 of 7  
Galaxy Express 999 Leiji Matsumoto Vol. 1-5, 7-12 of ?  
Gegege no Kitarou Mizuki Shigeru vol. 1-8 of ?  
Gringo Osamu Tezuka vol. 1 of ?  
GTO (Great Teacher Onizuka)   vol. 1 of ?  
Hi no Tori (aka Phoenix ) Osamu Tezuka Vol. 1-12 of 12  
Hikaru no Go   1, 2, 6-15 of ?  
Hunter X Hunter   Vol. 1 of ?  
Jungle Taitei Leo (Aka Kimba the White Lion) Osamu Tezuka vol 1 of ?  
Inu Yasha Rumiko Takahashi vol. 1, 6 of infinity  
Kareshi Kanojo no Jijou (His and Her Circumstances) Tsuda Masami vol. 1 - 8 of 21  
KikakuKidouTai (aka Ghost in the Shell) Masamune Shirow vol 1 of 1  
Koukaku Kidoutai 2: Man/Machine Interface (Crappy Sequel to Ghost in the Shell) Masamune Shirow vol 1 of 1 (nothing but cheesy CG and naked women as far as the eye can see)
Magic Knight Rayearth Clamp Vol. 1-6 of 6  
The Making of Dragon Quest Enix Vol. 1 of 1 (Nonfiction)
Miyuki-Chan in Wonderland Clamp Vol. 1 of 1 (Supposedly H, but not very much)
Meitantei Conan (aka Detective Conan, aka Case Closed) Goushou Aoyama vol. 1-13 of infinity  
Nausicaa of the Valley of Wind Hayao Miyazaki vol 3, 4, 7 of 7  
Rurouni Kenshin Watsuki Nobuhiro vol. 1-28 of 28  
Narue no Sekai (The World of Narue) Marukawa Tomohiro Vol. 1-3 of 9 (ongoing)  
Naruto   vol. 12, 14 of infinity  
One Piece Eiichiro Oda vol. 1-3, 7-10, 12-19, 21 of infinity  
Sangokushi (aka Romance of the Three Kingdoms) Yokoyama Mitsuteru vol. 2-4 of infinity  
Shoujo Kakumei Utena Chiho Saito Vol. 1-5 of 5 (I seem to have TWO COPIES EACH of 1-5. This probably means I have SOMEBODY ELSE'S SET in addition to mine.)
Shin Seiki (Neon Genesis) Evangelion   vol. 6 of ?  
Slayers   Vol. 4, 5 of ?  
Tetsuwan Atom (Aka Astroboy) Osamu Tezuka Vol 1-6 of ?  
X Clamp Vol. 1-4 of ?  
Uchuu Senkan (aka Space Battleship) Yamato Leiji Matsumoto Crappy reprint edition!
Unico Osamu Tezuka Vol. 1-3 of 3  
Urusei Yatsura Rumiko Takahashi Vol. 1-11 of ?  
Wanted Eiichiro Oda Vol. 1 of 1  
Vampire Princess Miyu   vol. 1 of ?  
YuYu Hakushou   vol. 1 of ?  


American Comics In English


Adventures of Sock Monkey Tony Millionaire Vol. ? of ?  
American Elf James Kochalka Vol. 1 of ? (Autobio)
The Cartoon History of the Universe Larry Gonick Vol. 1-3 of 3 (Nonfiction) Vol. 1 LOANED TO Satomi
Essential X-Men Marvel Vol. 1 of ? (Black-and-white reprints)
Essential Fantastic Four Marvel Vol. 1 of ? (Black and white reprints)
Fancy Froglin's Sexy Forest James Kochalka Vol. 1 of 1  
Monkey vs. Robot and the Crystal of Power James Kochalka Vol. 1 of 1  
Flight Multiple author anthology Vol. 1 of 3  
Goodbye Chunky Rice Craig Thompson Vol. 1 of 1  
The Fixer Joe Sacco Vol. 1 of 1 (Nonfiction)
Palestine Joe Sacco Vol. 1 of 1 (Nonfiction)

and "The Dream Hunters", the latter illustrated by Yoshitaka Amano|

League of Extraordinary Gentlemen Alan Moore Vol. 2 of 2  
Narbonic Shaennon Garrity Vol. 1 of ? (Webcomic in print) (Bizzarely Misprinted!)
Paradigm Shift Dirk Tiede Vol. 1 of ? (Webcomic in print)
Persepolis Marjane Satrapi Vol. 1-2 of 2 (Autobio)
Sluggy Freelance: The Bug, The Witch, and The Robot Vol ? of ? (Webcomic in print)
Sandman Neil Gaiman Vol. 2-10 of 10 plus bonus volumes "Endless Nights"
Understanding Comics Scott McCloud Vol. 1 of 1 (Nonfiction)
Reinventing Comics Scott McCloud Vol. 1 of 1 (Nonfiction)
Making Comics Scott McCloud Vol. 1 of 1 (Nonfiction)
Watchmen Alan Moore Volume 1 of 1 LOANED TO Ariel


American Comics in Japanese


X-Men: Age of Apocalypse arc omnibus vol. 1 and 2 (of 2)


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