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Lupin III: The Katamari Caper

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Katamari Script

Katamari Music

Katamari Video, and also on YouTube


Photos (from FansView)


Luigi (Patrick Walton) and Mario (Stephen) enter the scene. Begin smash brothers game


Mario acquires hammer!


They are disrupted by Lupin (Aza Raskin) entering with Katamari and the King of All Cosmos (Jeremy). (See how there's a cavity in the middle, where Fujiko (Vivie) is hiding)

Mario and Luigi gets run over by the Katamari and hustle off-stage, leaving their hats and hammer on the Katamari.


Zenigata (Jim) enters and starts chasing Lupin around, but Goemon (Jono) appears, tosses Lupin some jewels, and cuts a worthless object... Zenigata's pants. He cuts the Katamari in the same sweep. In the Chaos, Zenigata finds himself handcuffed to the Katamari


Who should appear from the Katamari but Fujiko?


She seduces Lupin, takes the jewels, and runs off, with Lupin following.


The King of All Cosmos summons a royal rainbow to wisk Goemon away, leaving only Zenigata and the Katamari


Just when you think everything's done, Mario and Luigi run onstage and exact their revenge on Zenigata. They retrieve their hats and conclude with a happy "V!" sign.

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