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Katamari Script

Page history last edited by PBworks 15 years, 7 months ago

Skit 2

Lupin III: The Katamari Caper


Mario - Stephen

Luigi - Patrick

King of Cosmos (KOC) - Jeremy

Lupin - Aza

Fujiko - Vivie

Goemon - Jono

Zenigata - Jim


[Mario & Luigi run on stage, face each other. Mario is stage left, Luigi is stage right.]


Super Smash Brothers music starts with “three, two, one… GO!”


[Luigi runs forward, executes “Luigi Flail,” pushing Mario back to near the edge of stage left. Mario retaliates with a smash attack, sending Luigi sprawling back to left of center. Mario then reaches off stage and produces a hammer.]


[Luigi is frightened and runs stage right slowly, as Mario advances swinging hammer. When Mario is slightly left of center, music abruptly shifts to Katamari Damacy]




[Lupin rolls in from stage left, chases Mario and Luigi offstage. In the process the Katamari picks up both their hats, the hammer, and maybe some other items secreted on their bodies (coins?). He stops right of center]




KOC appears from stage left


KOC: Oh Goodness! Your Katamari is now a SALTY 1.5 meters! We'd like to have 3, though!


[Music dies as Lupin rolls past, stage left. Play “whistling wind” sound effects, Lupin looks back to see..]




[Goemon runs on stage, clutching a sparkly necklace and a sword. He stands stage left and turns to face stage right, sword at the ready]




Zenigata runs on stage, panting at stage right


ZENIGATA (pointing while panting): STOP! YOU CAN’T GET AWAY!


Goemon stands silent


ZENIGATA (producing handcuffs, clipped to his wrist): Alright then. You’re under arrest!


[Zenegata advances waving the cuffs, while Goemon shifts to an attacking position. When Zenegata arrives at center stage, Katamari Damacy music begins playing. Goemon & Zenegata stop, look confused]



[When music starts grooving, Lupin bursts in with Katamari and rolls it into Zenigata, by accident. Lupin bounces off, caught by running Jigen. Zenegata flails, and hooks handcuff to Katamari]



LUPIN: Goemon! Throw me the necklace!


ZENIGATA (attached to ball): Lupin! Now I’ve got you! You’re BOTH under arrest!


[Zenegata flails, but is unable to move from ball. Lupin dances back and looks shocked]


LUPIN: Hey, looks like I picked up the Old Man! And here I thought it was something valuable!


LUPIN (gesturing to Goemon): Hey, can you cut off some of this katamari? There’s some great stuff in here!



[Goemon raises his sword at Zenegata, who cowers away. Goemon cuts, and the katamari splits in half.]



GOEMON: Once again, I cut a worthless object.


Fujiko jumps from the shattered Katamari


LUPIN: FUJIKO! When did I pick you up!


FUJIKO: Sloppy as ever, Lupin. Takes jewels from Goemon Thanks! See you around, boys!


Fujiko runs off stage, snatching some jewelry from Lupin’s coat pocket in the process


LUPIN: Oh baby, you’ve stolen my heart… and my jewels!


Turns, runs offstage






[Zenigata stirs, stands up, trying to move, but is stuck to the Katamari.]


ZENEGATA: Hey! Wait! You’re all still under arrest! Under arrest, y’hear me! LUPIIIIN!


Zenegata collapses



Mario and Luigi run on and kick Zenigata, attempt to retrieve their hats and end up dragging the katamari with them offstage




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