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Jeremy O'Brien


Jeremy is best known to modern audiences as the subject of the best-selling documentary "Katamari Damacy," in which the story of Jeremy's life as the diminutive Prince of "All Cosmos is played by his exact body double Akitsukiyami Hidalgo. Once per day, Jeremy has the power to gain the form, attributes, and breath weapon of Sailor Bubba for a duration equal to his level in the Lego Technician prestige class, expressed in minutes. Jeremy O'Brien is Moonlight Real Girl.



Jeremy is da VEEP. I pity the fool who messes with da VEEP.


j/k, you can totally fuck with Jeremy as long as you're not an asshole about it. But if you fuck with him too much, his girlfriend Cat will kick you, and you will cry.




Jeremy and Jono

5408 S Ingleside Ave #1

Chicago, IL 60615



jpop AT uchi






If you're a new/current JAS officer by the name of Jeremy and this is not you, just move this page to their official full name page and take over this one.

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