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Henry Lee

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Also known as Henry, Genjitsu, and Genri. Is a clone of Dom (or is Dom the clone???)


The most popular tale about Hery is that he used club money to purchase a PS2 for "playing region-free DVDs", but conveniently took it with him, thus setting the standard for officer corruption and graft.


He ruled with a Fist of Tupperware, implementing punishments such as Dubbed Card Captor Sakura to curb unruly club members. He was the librarian who resurrected the club library after the Northwestern Incident with his extensive personal collection, which explains the large quantity of 80s shounen anime in our library. It is thanks to him that you can borrow such quality jewels as "Legend of Crystania" from the library. The question remains whether both VHS copies of Kenshin* are his.


He is a big cosplay guy who has a reputation for giant props. So, he was naturally the guy who started this whole skit ... thing. He can be seen in the 2001 Skit section holding a large weapon, and in the 2002 Skit holding a large weapon. He played a mysterious role behind the scenes of the 2003 Skit, which probably explains the giant chopsticks.** Pretend Robot Pants, the UCJAS sub-group started in 2004 by Stephen Dranger, continues to be known for giant props.***


Henry still does skits with other groups (AGSMA, others) after leaving Chicago. See the Bleach one here.


The papasan that he left Erika who left it to Alexis who left it to Sushu. Except that it got lost in the moving process last year and now we only have the green mattress.


He began American Cosplay Paradise and still runs it to this day.

*We're talking VHS here, which fits 4-8 episodes per tape, which means 10-20 tapes for the entire series. So yes, we had about 30 Kenshin tapes. That is, until the Aza Physics Incident where they were dropped from a third story balcony. Now we're down to one set.

**It must be noted that the wacky element of the chopsticks probably came from the brains of Stephen Dranger...?

***Pretend Robot Pants has expanded beyond giant wacky props, though. It's more about giant wacky skits involving giant wacky costumes. We're talking Giant Pocky, and a 4 foot high Katamari





American Cosplay Paradise

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