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To Edit

  • The password should be quite obvious on the prompt page.
  • Read this page, yo


Preachy Bits

  • __Don't be stupid.__ Spazzy is okay, fangirly is okay, but seriously, you know what I'm talking about. UChicago pride, yo!
  • __Add, don't take away.__ If you don't agree with someone's opinion, just add yours to the page, or create a whole new page to counter-rant
  • __Take responsibility__ for what you write. This means signing in with your name. Feel free to create bio pages as desired.
  • __Be considerate__ and give spoiler warnings (see below).
  • __HTML = last resort__, to make it easier for the non-HTML people here.


Formatting Guidelines

  • wiki skill levelz:
  1. There are buttons on top of the editing box that input the correct code for simple formatting.
  2. See Wiki Formatting for direct instructions.
  3. See Power Tools for some pbwiki hints.
  • Creating a new page:
  1. create a link to your new page by hitting Edit Page, and then inserting [New shiny page name] in appropriate location on page. Click Save
  2. Click on the link to the new page. This will bring you directly to the edit page.
  • Creating Spoilers
    • sentence-long spoilers: enclose the sentence in <spoiler> tags, like so: <spoiler>Top secret spoiler text</spoiler>, which comes out to be: Top secret spoiler text . Innit cool? Then people can just highlight it and see.
    • Page-long spoilers
    1. Give warning at the link to the page, like so: [New shiny page] <spoiler-warning>Evangelion</spoiler-warning>, which looks like: Evangelion.
    2. Give warning at the top of the page, like so: <page-spoiler>Evangelion</page-spoiler>, which looks like:


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