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ALERT: Hey Guys!  We've got a snazzy new website!  http://jas.uchicago.edu/

Also, check out the uChi-Con website for updates on the Con!  http://jas.uchicago.edu/uchi-con/ 


We are the University of Chicago Japanese Animation Society!


UCJAS holds free screenings of Japanese animation, commonly known as anime, for students and community members of the University of Chicago. We also organize special events such as marathon showings, trips, social gatherings, and other activities. This site functions not only as the homepage of UCJAS, but also as a community wiki for the club to host discussions and make recommendations.


Regular showings are on Wednesday, 7pm-10pm in Stuart 102. We hope to see you there!



General Notice: uChi-Con is Happening; and Soon!  




  • Manga library: we're looking to build a manga library, and we need your requests and/or donations! Head over to Manga requests and edit the page to add your suggestions!


  • UCJAS Alumni: See Alumni for mailing list, etc





Mailing List: If you want the latest updates and schedules emailed to you every week, please subscribe to our mailing list.


Contribute to the Wiki! Procrastinating? You can pimp your favorite anime,rant about the current state of anime, browse and add to our History, make anime screening suggestions.... just check out the Guidelines first. The password for editing and adding new pages is unmei (fate/destiny, because anime is all about your unmei powers).


If you have any questions or comments you can contact our president, Kelley, pinkboxcutter@email.com  or our webmaster, Temi  


Weekly Screening

Stuart 102, 7-10pm


DISCLAIMER: Times displayed on the schedule are only approximations and may not reflect reality, as reality persists in being indifferent to the whims of UCJAS. We are no responsible for last minute changes in order or showing times.


Miss a show? Feel free to check it out from the library. An annual fee of 5 dollars was required last year but can be seen as a donation this year. Contact the Librarians, Lupe and Yichen, for details.






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