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Page history last edited by CindyZ. 10 years, 3 months ago

Historical Note

Modern scholars analyze the Annals of UCJAS as an ad hoc compendium of the works of various authors, a sort of fact-based mythology of stories of varying veracity cobbled together into one history. As a result, the Annals' internal consistency is sometimes sketchy; no single report of an incident is canonical, and all accounts must be viewed with appropriate skepticism. That said, the Annals remain our best source of insight into the foundations upon which today's UCJAS was built.



Persons Index





Ed's Reign


Ed Seung. Shrouded in the mists of time, last known to be going to grad school in the Boston area but that was years and years ago. He was the grandpappy of us all. Not literally, don't go freaking out to your parents. It occurred to me after reading elsewhere on this site that the charter for JAS began in 1994 that Ed may have started the club during the Winter quarter of his senior year.


Ben's Reign


Ben Cheng. That'd be me. Originally from New Jersey. Currently in New Jersey, working in the Big Apple.


Erick's Reign


Erick Huang. Originally from Seattle. Current whereabouts unknown. Last reported still working in a UofC lab and doing stuff with the kendo club a few years ago.


Hsin's Reign


Very little is known about this "Hsin". His existence is based on a one-liner on a very old webpage. Perhaps he suckled milk from a she-wolf. We don't know for sure.

(Added by Ben): Oh Hsin exists alright. Currently working for a well-known website that starts with a Y and ends with a ! in Cali. Knows of the existence of this site so maybe he'll drop by sometime and edit this entry himself.


Kane's Reign


Kane Yanagawa. Through google searching, seems to have liked Macross 7.


Mike's Reign


Read the Newsletters that UCJAS used to write! Dude, all that effort. Oddly enough, it features the first showings of classic anime that we are now re-watching. Full circle, baby!


Henry's Reign


Ah, the legendary Caesar Henry. No one can quite agree to his nature as a president. Conqueror? Founder of Skit? Embezzler? Tyrant?


Leon's Reign


Leon got us money and legitimacy! Aza lost us tapes!


Helena's Reign


Here begins the Matrilineal rule. First UChi-Con! The Descent of Brian from his BJ Upside-Down Castle. The Flying Teahouse of Time Stranger.


Alexis' Reign


UChi-Con II, the famous yaCUSA bun war


Sushu's Reign

Weekly Duels for World Revolution, UChi-Con III, Sweeping ACen Masquerade, Birth of the Wikis



Cat's Reign

Accusatory Finger of DOOM, UChi-Con IV, Maromi becomes Club Mascot and her Head the emblem of the office of Prez/Kaicho, H+C Twister



Ariel's Reign



Kelly's Reign



Yasmine's Reign



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Anonymous said

at 2:33 pm on May 25, 2006

Should this be in chronological order or reverse chronological order?

Anonymous said

at 1:19 am on Jun 12, 2006

Chronological, because those looking at it are probably more interested in history.

sushux said

at 7:32 pm on Oct 21, 2006

But there isn't that much stuff at the beginning, and it's easy to get bored...

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