Detective Conan

Title : Detective Conan (名探偵コナン, meitantei conan), 1996.

Director : Taichiro Yamamoto, Kenji Kodama

Original work by : Gosho Aoyama

Production : Shogakukan, YTV, TMS

Music : Katsuo Ono

Genre : Adventure, Mystery

Description : This famous Japanese mistery anime is originally from manga serializing in Shogakkan's manga magazine 'Shounen Sunday' from 1994. Currently(June 28th, 2007), the 476th episode has been broadcasted and 11th Movie is about to come. Among the vast rush of various mystery animes/mangas in Japan, 'Conan', along with 'Kindaichi', is still keeping its top position in Japanese mystery anime/manga. Aoyama, the original author, said that he will devote himself on Conan until his death, so we can expect that the series will not end until then.

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