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Cat will rule the world one day, that is, of course, unless she gets distracted by something shiny.

Cat is usually attached to or in the near vicinity of Jeremy as his devoted, if not fanatical, Catgirl. =^_^=




cell (773) 627-8193


Positions Held

"Club Girlfriend" 2003-2004

Treasurer 2004-2005

Secretary 2005-2006

President 2006-2007

Cat: 19 years ago, a small kitten was rescued from near-starvation in the cornfields of Indiana and promptly sold to a sinister mad scientist for genetic experimentation. The resulting creature, crafted to maximize both cuteness and havoc-causing potential, was unleashed upon the unsuspecting University community two years ago. Deadly with knives, shinai, and thrown kittens, Catherine fights for love, justice, and shinies. We are hoping to harness this awesome force to manage our complicated record keeping tasks, but whether the experiment will in end in success or disaster remains yet to be seen.


Major Roles


Reika Mishima (2003)

Towel Girl/Naked Rei (2004)

Bartender Maromi (2006)



a.k.a. Club "Suki" <3


  • Sacrificed contact, right eye, and dignity (see next bullet) in exchange for glory on the Acen - stage - battelfield and one of her less-impressive scars


  • Has been (all but) naked in front of 3000 rabid anime fans



If you're (yet another) new/current JAS officer by the name of Cat and this is not you, just move this page to their official full name page and take over this one.

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