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Brian is the club's former acquisitions officer and current utility ninja. (Bats .281 right, fields .989 right, assassinates .192 either.) He is a recent U of C graduate who has one and a half years of bad Japanese. Brian believes that Ikuhara's Revolutionary Girl Utena is a literary masterpiece and James Joyce's Dubliners is crap. His notable achievements include the insertion into the first-week screening in 2004 of "Puni Puni Poemi."


Brian was the official unofficial Chronicler of World Revolution in 2005-06 -- and was later unmasked as the mysterious End of the World responsible for the dueling game running through Sushu's reign. He also enjoys making lists. Below are some examples.


Brian's top six favorite anime that he can think of right now:

1. Shoujo Kakumei Utena / Revolutionary Girl Utena

2. Boogiepop Phantom

3. Kino no Tabi / Kino's Journey

4. Ima Soko ni Iru Boku / Now and Then, Here and There

5. Paranoia Agent

6. Ghost in the Shell


Brian's top six favorite opening themes that he can think of right now:

1. "All the Way," Kino no Tabi

2. "Give a Reason," Slayers Next

3. "Get Over," Hikaru no Go

4. "Asu he no Brilliant Road," Uchuu no Stellvia

5. "Kiseki no Umi," Record of Lodoss War

6. "Free Bird," Haibane Renmei


Brian's top six favorite ending themes that he can think of right now:

1. "Every Heart," Inu Yasha

2. "Life is Like a Boat," Bleach

3. "The Beautiful World," Kino no Tabi

4. "Blue Flow," Haibane Renmei

5. "Dearest," Inu Yasha

6. "Shizuku," GTO



Email: satyreyes@gmail.com


If you're a new/current JAS officer by the name of Brian and this is not you, just move this page to their official full name page and take over this one.

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