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Anime Central

May 20-21, 2011

(in construction)



We do group registration every year to get the 10% discount.

Temi is in charge of registration.


If you want to go to Anime Central 2011 (the largest anime

convention in the Midwest) this year (May 20th-22nd), it is

cheaper, and easier, to register with us! ACen has panels, a

dealer’s room, artist alley, or cv writing service by

American and Japanese voice actors, representatives

from the anime industry, cosplayers,

masquerade, dances, video games, and more! Not to mention, if

you register and room with us, you can hang out with all of

your friends from UCJAS!


That being said, the cost of registration this year is [undecided]

for the weekend. You cannot pre-register for single day or two

day badges. This payment must be given to TY by

WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 13th, 2010. Just pay for it online.


Also, if you want to ROOM WITH UCJAS, you MUST let Temi know by

WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 23rd, 2010 as well. Payment will not be due

then, but we must know if you want to stay with us in case we

need to get extra rooms other than the block we’ve already



Finally, if you want to bring a friend (or two, or three) to

ACen with you and want to get them in on our group discount

and room block, you must not only let us know, but you must

get their payment from them to Temi before WEDNESDAY, JANUARY

13th. Preference will be given in the following order: UCJAS

attendees, UChicago students outside of JAS, friends outside

of UChicago.




Please send the following back to Temi.

If you are registering friends as well as yourself, you must

include their information as well:




Phone Number:

Are you registering with us (yes/no)?

Are you rooming with us (yes/no)?




First, go to this website: https://www.acen.org/registration/


If you pre-registered for ACen last year (whether with us or

on your own), you will still be in their computer system.

Please just type your name and password (or get it emailed to

you) to the box on the right. When you type it in and press

enter, you should be able to register for this year’s

convention, and should only need to select a Badge Name.


If you have NOT been to ACen before or have not pre-registered

before, click ‘Start your Registration’ on the left side of

the page. From there, you will fill out your contact

information, emergency information, and contact information

for the convention.


By now, you should all be on the same page, with a dark blue

header that says “WELCOME” at the top with several links on

the left sidebar. One of these should say “JOIN GROUP”. Click

on that.


You should be able to search groups by a group name or a group

number. Our group name is UCJAS. OUR GROUP NUMBER IS

coming soon. You must type that in exactly, with all

capital letters, dashes, and numbers, to find the group.


Once you have found it, click join the group.


We will be able to see your full name, con badge name, and

badge number on the group listing if you have done it right.

Email me if you have questions.




First, as said before, you must get your payment to Temi by

WEDNESDAY, January 13th Here's how:


CASH: If you attend club screenings and can pay Temi in person

with cash, I’ll accept it. I cannot guarantee that I’ll have

change, so please try to have exact change when you pay Temi.

Just let Temi know who you are when you’ve paid so I can check

you off the list!



PERSONAL CHECK: You may write a check to Temi as

well, similar to a money order. I ask that if you do this,

please turn it into Temi BEFORE WEDNESDAY JANUARY 13th so I can

send it to my bank and give it time to clear. I don’t want to

be responsible for bounced checks!


If you need to send Temi a check or money order through the mail

(JAS alums, I’m looking at you!) email Temi for my postal

address. I’d rather not include it in a mass email :D


PAYPAL: Only if you absolutely cannot pay Temi any other way

will I accept paypal payments. Paypal.com allows you to pay by

credit card or your bank account directly over the internet.

I’m using it as a last resort for people who simply can’t pay

any other way. Please know that if you want to pay by a credit

card (as opposed to existing paypal funds to buy research paper or your bank

account) I will need to add on an extra amount as a paypal

fee, as paypal will charge Temi for credit card payments

(probably another dollar, maybe two). Please email Temi if you

need to pay by this method and I'll calculate a new total for you.



I think that’s everything in terms of ACen registration. If

you have questions or need help with being added to the group,

let Temi know.


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