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2006 Skit Memories

Page history last edited by PBworks 14 years, 8 months ago

- Jaz, the guy in charge of Masq, called all the way up to the Head of Hyatt in order to get us permission to rollerblade on stage. <3


- Cat got glomped by a bajillion people as Maromi


- Moving the Bar onto the 10th floor using the main elevators:

-- 1st time, Sushu ran to the 2nd floor lobby carrying a box of cookies and a giant Ukyo spatula, nabbed an elevator and shoved the spatula in the face of Defiant Emo Boy who wanted to enter.

-- 2nd time, desperate JASers cut in front of the Chii-in-wheelchair-with-lifesize-Chii-doll, wedged the bar into a near-full elevator and squashed a few people. We're really sorry about that, Chii-in-wheelchair. :(


- "Hi, I'd like to collect 37 badges please" "Shit" >5 min later< "Hi, I'd like to collect 37 con bags please" "Holy cow." "Umm.. can we give you the con booklets separately?"


- Waking up to bacon and pancakes, courtesy of Cat N.


- Jono made okonomiyaki dressed as Ukyo, and then made a plate of bite-sized ones for Artist Alley folkens.


- Making the shoji screen

-- executive decision to spray-paint indoors. Oops... (though not the first time that's happened for the sake of ACen. At least this time we didn't leave with a glittery tub (see 2003 Skit Memories)

-- painting the cypress tree in the green room... and recycling the color for Mario/Luigi's mustaches.


- The Kenshin/Jin kiss.


- Aza getting mobbed by fangirls, both yaoi and straight.

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