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2005 Skit Memories

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>> ACen Skits


Year of Large Props

- transporting the Locker was utterly hellish, since even when compacted, it bearly fit in Jeremy's car. Brian ended up lying on the back seat with the locker over him the whole way. (At least, that's the story)

- the Katamari was in 2 pieces, and barely fit in Aza's station wagon (SpeedRacer Haha). We ended up dismantling it in the hotel room after the Masq


- Jono makes the most awesome props! The Katamari was a work of genius, and I'm amazed that the locker held together at all


- Han C. has our eternal gratitude for being the Locker.


2005 was a hard year. Alexis had to leave Saturday afternoon for a funeral, and Jim had to cut on mid-Saturday.


- Executive suite parlor for the win! There was a toaster oven, greenery, and a book on Economics.


- it was too much fun beating Brian up with a bath-sponge-on-a-stick.


I'm amazed they let us onstage in the first place, what with the censor bars and stuff.


- Cat's ACen sacrifice #2: being onstage as Towel Girl Rei... and then having her wig fall off. (See 2004 Skit Memories for sacrifice #1)


Random fact: The Katamari skit started off something about how Lupin got his green jacket and it involved golf. Then Jeremy bought Katamari Damacy and things are as they are now.

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