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2001 Script

Page history last edited by PBworks 15 years, 8 months ago

Revolutionize the World: Initial U



Henry - Serge

Nando - Akio

Random Girl #1 - Kinki

Random Girl #2 - Helena

Random Guy #1 - Frank

Random Guy #2 - Albert

Random Guy #3 - Paul

Random Guy #4 - Caleb




Serge is sitting down, watching TV (play Chrono Cross music)


Akio walks in, sits down, grabs remote, motions to TV. (music switches to Utena)


Serge grabs remote, switches back to Chrono Cross. (music switches back too)


Repeat faster 2 - 3 times, until Akio gets mad.


Akio - "Enough of this! I challenge you to a duel!"


Serge runs off-stage and gets weapon. (battle music)


Random Girl #1 should be walking by on stage at this point


Akio yawns, waves to Random Girl #1. He goes to her, cups her face, then turns back to audience. Girl should give sword to him, but make it look like he pulled it out of her.


Serge looks confused, Random Girl #2 should be walking on stage now


Serge tries to do the same to Random Girl #2, but gets slapped instead


Random Girl #2 runs off stage, clutching chest, yelling ECCHI


Akio faces off with Serge, both wait until lyrics in song start; both do a lil swordfighting (very brief)


The two back off. Akio cups his ear.


"Listen, can't you hear it?" "If you haven't given up your soul entirely...you'll be able to hear the sound...running around at the ends of the world."


Akio runs off stage, drops sword, returns with car.


"Now come, journey with us, to the world you desire!"


Serge gets an idea, runs off stage, returns with Hachi-Roku. (Cue Initial D sound)


Random Girl comes out with checkered flag


Akio and Serge race - Akio and Serge simply walk in front or back of each other a few times


During one of the times Akio and Serge are on stage, they should move sideways, and have a Random Girl walk by with sign: "SUPER DRIFT TECHNIQUE!!!"


(Play initial D music)


Akio and Serge run off stage (play crashing sound)


Akio and Serge walk back on stage, pretend to be hurt. Serge acts real mad, points to Akio.


Have Random Girl #2 come out, whip out sign "ULTIMATE ATTACK"


(play danger music, then suddenly change into O Solo Mio)


Serge starts doing Para Para routine. Gradually cue in Guy 1, 2, 3, and 4, until they're all doing para para routine.


Akio - "What's happening!? The movements...I can't resist..."


Have Akio end up following Para-Para routine, hypnotized.


Serge sneaks around and waits till end of routine, then stabs Akio.


Akio drops dead. Girls run to Serge, thinking he's all cool, guys run to Akio and keep kicking him.


Guys keep beating him for a few seconds, after it says "But the soul still burns" guys should walk away.


When announcer says, "The Legend will never die", Akio should try to get up.


Guys should run back and start beating him again.

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